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The athletes who will do the CONTINUOUS modalities will spend the night in the event.

​For this reason, we will have to rent on site, iglús tents with inflatable mattress where the athlete can use to rest according to his schedule of break.
Your Staff may also use it. That way we guarantee a little comfort during this hard race.

- The athlete/staff can rent as many tents as you need
- The athlete/staff can bring their own tent if desired (at no cost)

Since it is not mandatory to use the tent, if two athletes want to rent a single tent and take a turn the use is no problem. The athlete's staff or companion are not required to spend the night in the event, and may stay in a hotel or other location.

Double tent + double mattress = R$ 120,00 daily
Double Tent + single mattress = R$ 105,00 daily


On the other hand, the athletes who will do the one-day modalities will not spend the night in the race, so they will not need a tent. You can return to your hotel or home at the end of each day.

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